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In the ever-changing world of the Internet, webmaster course materials are typically outdated by the time they are published. WOW Academy continually updates courses to ensure they meet the current webmaster standards. The WOW Academy courses map to multiple nationally recognized certification tracks. The codes to the right of each course are the certifications to which each course maps.

WOW Academy Webmaster Core Courses

Mastering the Internet   (WAW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
Beginning HTML   (WAW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
Advanced HTML   (WAW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
Cascading Style Sheets   (WAW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
Web Design & Graphics   (WCW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
E-Business   (WCW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
E-Marketing   (WCW) (CWP) (CAW)
Java Survival Skills   (WCW) (CWP) (CAW)

WOW Academy courses have no book requirements, as each course is self-contained. However, each course has suggested books and/or software to supplement the course content or to be used as a reference.

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